Sunday, July 10, 2016

Reunion weekend in brief

This past week, and especially this weekend has just flown by - this will be by necessity  a very short post as I have much to get done before I give up and just go to bed; also I didn't get around the place to take many pictures - will try to do better next time.  Yesterday (Saturday) was a farmers market day for us and a family reunion - my side.  We went to the market for a few hours, then Ardis and Rollie took over so we could go to the reunion.  It was so good to visit with cousins not seen very often and just sit and listen to the elder generation - the get-together goes by too fast and it seems like I always miss talking to some.

So, a quick update.  Nutshell version - pigs are getting bigger, the does are milking well but I still have concerns about their health.  Chicken chicks and turkey poults seem to be doing fine too; the little turkeys are still very wary of me and I wish the hens were laying better.  The garden is looking fairly well considering how little time I spend in it - will try to get a new view of that for next week. 
A view out of the living room window to the east.   These are the squash and pumpkin plants and Rollie is on the tractor discing up an unplanted area - at least I think that is what he is doing

And the poults running to the corner when I come in - guess I am pretty scary!

That's it!  Be back next week - be well!

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