Sunday, May 7, 2017

Deepening Spring

We have a great gift from Mother Nature this weekend - beautiful weather!  Kind of makes a person think - Oh yeah, that's why we live here!

Above is a new view from the milking stand.  This morning it was especially beautiful but the picture was taken later in the day.

New life is everywhere, including in the bathtub again.  The chicks began hatching on Friday evening and #14 hatched Saturday late in the afternoon.  This was a better yield than I  anticipated - about 50%.  I fell that is pretty good considering the 30:1 Hen:Rooster ratio.  The incubator has been reloaded with 27 more eggs, this time from just the 16 Hens that are still in the Winter Coop with Julio.  It will be interesting (to me anyway) to see how many of those turn out to be fertile.

Cute, Cute, Cute!  The little ones will stay in the tub about a week.  We didn't get Julio and the hens moved out to the Summer Coop to join the other hens yet, therefor could not move the little turkeys out of the chick room.  I don't mind them in the house actually, we just have to be careful when the dogs are in the house to put a gate up as an extra safety measure.  Sorry Hoover, no chicken nuggets for you!
Violet and Garrus are growing quickly!

The lettuce is looking pretty good in the greenhouse bed.  Some of the leaves are edible size but I am leaving it alone for now.

Meanwhile out in the garden, the weeds are flourishing ... They are pretty though!

Kevin and Rollie are out planting something... 

Oops - we interrupt this post for a trip to the ER.  Don't worry, I am fine but have a nasty tick.  More on that next time.  Until then, you be well, and I will be too.

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  1. The ticks are terrible. I have an oil mixture that is safe for dogs and humans. I have peppermint oil in my hair tonic so I don't get them in my hair. I hope you are okay my friend. Everything always looks so good at your homestead.