Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day, Moving Day

Today's post is brought to you by parentheses.  

Happy Day to all moms and non-moms out there! 

This Sunday evening is hopefully a little different than the last – no trips to the ER I hope (so far, so good!).  To finish off the tick story, what happened was that I found this nasty little beast partially embedded in my arm when I went to the shower around 8 PM.  The area was swollen, red, and sore.  We thought about what to do as we were pretty certain Kevin would not be able to remove it intact.  We called our hospital's nurse line (worthless, they were a thousand miles away) and decided we would just go in.  It was a bit of a wait as the ER had been very busy that evening (the TV was on in the waiting room, a useful reminder of why we don't have that anymore!).  When we were seen, the doc just removed the critter with tweezers, piece by piece just like Kevin would have done.  We found out they do not automatically dose a person with doxycycline anymore for these things - now we wait for symptoms first.  That is just fine with me  We also found out that they don't go cutting if they don't get the whole thing out  like they used to do - that just isn't necessary and if there is a bit left behind it isn't a big deal.  So a learning experience and I think it was just as well we went as I probably would have gone in the next day anyway.  Want to see a picture of it?  I will put it at the bottom so the folks who would be revolted by it don't have too look.

So today, besides having a get together for Mother's Day we moved animals.

The pigs moved to new ground.

Julio and the hens moved from the Winter Coop to join the rest of the gals in the Summer Coop.& pasture.  Then the turks moved from the chick room to the bigger room of the Winter Coop.  

The chicks vacated the bathtub and moved out to the luxury accommodations of the chick room in the Winter Coop.  Thank you Kori - Poultry Catcher Extraordinaire for your help with the chicks!

How is that for a bucket of chicken?
And the lads moved out of their winter quarters to a much greener paddock.
Check out the trees and the wheat field in the background!  Gotta love the green of spring!
Speaking of chicks - my new incubator had a wiring melt-down!  I found it before it had cooled down too much and Kevin, being such a handy fellow did a quick Jerry-rigged (had to look up Jury-rigged vs Jerry-rigged - turns out they are both a thing!  So educational, this blogging!)  wiring job and got it going. Crisis narrowly averted (I hope)!  I will be in touch with the nice folks at Incubator Warehouse tomorrow.

Managed to get in some garden tasks too - digging out the compost pile, transplanting tomatoes in the greenhouse, and torching the asparagus (well, Kevin did the torching, I just stood by with the water).  That should haven been done earlier, but it wasn't.  I picked a few spears and some were missed but I'm not too concerned -more will come. 
Roasted Asparagus...  I actually ate a couple of these - they were good!
The oats planting is done, thanks to the hired help.  The last thing will be the spring wheat.  Spring wheat is very frost intolerant, so Kevin is waiting a week before planting, but now looking at the forecast it probably could have been, but oh well. 

And now I will wish you all a pleasant and healthy week - be well.  And here is the tick picture: 

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  1. Ouch! My daughter has been getting ticks while walking the dogs, but I haven't. I have peppermint oil in my shampoo and rinse now. She has to put a homemade tick oil on now, and when she mows. It's pretty bad. I hope your arm heals quickly.