Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Goat Solution

We are at the point that we just have to face the fact:  Echo is not going to have a kid or kids this year.  We are beyond the last possible date - just not happening.  So I have been wrestling with some options on what to do about this.  The obvious thing to do is nothing, and just be content with the milk that Vinca provides.  Less cheese that way  - disappointing.  Less time making cheese - well, that wouldn't be so bad as I do manage to keep pretty busy.  There was a possibility of acquiring back a daughter of Vinca & Ranger's who is in milk already - but then we would have a buck problem come fall.  I've been mulling on this and having a hard time deciding what to do.

The solution came from an unexpected query in the mailroom at work.  My co-worker Deb asked if I had any tips for getting a doe to dry up when she wasn't ready to.... well, not really but I know of a good place she can go to summer camp!

So Mitzi arrived this afternoon (don't know if that is how her name is spelled but that's my best guess).
She has impressive headgear and even more impressive but unfortunate jumping skills.  I think she may actually be a squirrel cleverly disguised as a goat.  Some very quick modifications had to be made to the board fence in the shed.

The does are getting along as well as can be expected under the circumstances.  She's pretty unhappy about the situation, as you can imagine, but she just needs a little time.  We had our first milking together this evening - kind of different for both of us as she is used to a milking machine and for me, her udder is quite different from my goats.  We will adapt.

I will share this week's view from the milking stand - very green!  It's been rainy and chilly all week so we are all ready to see the sun again.

One last thing.  When I got home from work and the store on Friday, I had to leave the grocieries for a few minutes and get out the camera.  Kevin was out tilling near the house.  Across the road were behemoth tractors doing their thing.  Quite a contrast, and not just in size.

Stop by again next week - we will have our first farmer's market of the year behind us, and should have a new bunch of chicks.  Until then, be well friends.

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  1. That goat sure does have some impressive head gear. Glad they are all getting along, and you are happy busy.