Sunday, August 6, 2017

Harvesting begins

Wow, this has been such busy weekend for me - I haven't been home a whole lot.  This post will be brief and short on photos I am afraid!

Our first harvest of the Turkey Red winter wheat is combined and in the shed.  We didn't get the yield we had hope for, but for a first time growing it we did all right. We will keep a little to grind for flour, and a little for our favorite local bread baker, but most of it will be going back into the ground in a couple weeks for this next year.  We will also have hard spring wheat to harvest later this fall - that is the the wheat we've been growing for several years now.
Rollie is at it again

We haven't lost any  more pigs but we are still concerned about their health - will keep you posted on that.  And reports of the demise of our turkeys have been erroneous.  They all just great. 

One of the things that has been filling my time is an event that our Sustainable Farming group is planning - we call it Farm2Familes.  It is a community event to bring farmers and consumers together in a fun and educational way to benefit all.  That's coming up on August 26.

Today I just had fun.  My friends Sara and I did a 5K in Minneapolis this morning that ended in Target Field and then attended the Twins game in the afternoon.  After the drive home from the cities I am whipped but will be ready to do it again next year!
Outside Target Field afterward - kind of sweaty but all smiles!
One more thing I will add - the sunflowers are starting to bloom providing buckets of sunshine which we take to the farmer's market to share. 

Until next week, be well friends!

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