Sunday, July 30, 2017

And Then There Were Four

I will get the bad news over with right away.  We have had another pig loss.  Hopefully that will be the last one we lose this season.

Speaking of the pigs though...  Kevin gives me a hard time now and then for getting sidetracked.  Multi-tasking is my usual mode of living around here and I cannot deny that I do forget things and lose items because of it.  Today though, someone who wasn't me didn't chain the pig gate closed.  Four wandering piggies can do quite a bit of damage in a short amount of time!  The area in front of the summer coop was the site of a major excavation and Kevin had to get Bob(cat) out to repair the mess.  They visited the composting area and rooted up some turf there - I include the picture not because the rooting is so interesting, but because the squash or pumpkin that has volunteered there is so nice looking!

No one saw them in the garden, but the evidence is telling the story.  At least one pig wandered in there (yes, the garden gate was open).  Amazingly, the miscreant only plowed down between the tomato plants.  Other than messing up my mulching job, nothing was damaged! 

The garden is a mess - lots of weeds that I just do not have time to manage.  Everything is behind schedule of course from late planting.  I did pick sugarsnap peas today - yum, and the raspberries are really abundant.  I have to admit that I do a bit of grazing while picking - they are so good.

Just a couple more photos to add, then off to bed with me.  The first is of some of my hens.  I put an extension on the summer coop pasture so they would have more grass.

And this turkey who made it up to the roof of the coop, and then was reluctant to fly down.  He did eventually of course. 

And lastly - the new addition to the goat herd!  He doesn't have a name yet and already I can tell he's going to be trouble.  I caught him in the middle of my squash patch!

Next week I will let you know how the winter wheat harvest went.  Until then, be well friends.

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