Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keeping warm at Ole Lake

Well friends, this is my first blog post... don't expect too much at first.  Certainly no really good photography and super long narratives, but I want to use this as a place to let folks know what's happening here at Ole Lake Farm.

Goat kids will be arriving soon.  Vinca seems to be the closest, and has developed some troubling lameness. Because of my concern, and the nasty cold (current temp -5 degrees at 10:42 AM) we have moved her to the heated shop, along with Tunia for a companion.

They don't have too much room in the dog kennel, but it sure beats being in the barn, to my way of thinking anyway.

The temperature in the shop is not balmy, 40 degrees or even lower, but that's ok.  These ladies will have to go back out to the non-heated world and it will be an easier transition if they aren't too warm.

The cats are all hangin' in the shop too, not inclined to go out in the least... can't say that I blame them.

Roy is bored with driving the Alice... doing her best demon impression when she yawns...

Lily from the seat of the Cub...

And Spot got the sunny windowseat today!

So, that's all for my first blog post.  I'll be back when we have some kids to show you!

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  1. Hey, this is awesome! You are way more advanced than I'm compelled to be, starting your own blog, particularly since I seem to have developed an aversion to anything-computer-related. Uh, I think I better get over that if I'm going to thrive thru the rest of my days! ;-} Keep 'em coming and good luck with birthin those kids!