Saturday, March 29, 2014


There is a book on my shelf titled “The $64.00 Tomato”.  Author William Alexander chronicles his decision to garden in his back yard and the time, money, triumphs, and setbacks along the way to growing his own food.  I was thinking about this book this morning and how it relates to the cost of the generous amount of milk that now rests in our refrigerator.  The price of a quart of goat milk at the grocery store is over $4.00 per quart.  The cost of ours may be around that, I don't know.  It may be more.  It may even be quite a bit more.  Does it matter to me?  Not a bit.  To me, that milk is priceless.

The downstairs fridge is getting full

I am pretty excited that I will  be making some cheese in the very near future.  I will get back to you on how that goes.

And what happens to that quart of milk that gets pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten?  A really awesome treat for the chickens.

A slurry of milk, chicken kibble, and oats

Yeah I know, the bowl is pretty gross looking, but the chickens care not.

A feeding frenzy, coop style

And now for some really cute goat pictures… by the way, please don’t be too hard on me about the quality of these pictures.  I do not know how to take good pictures for one thing, hence the blue glowing eyes, weird lighting, etc., I do not have that great of a camera, and most of all, these little animals just don’t take direction very well!

Chikorita and Daisy (still has the one horn thing going on)



I also want to include a picture of Vinca here as a little doeling... Sunflower really looks like her!
Sunflower and Ivy, growing fast!                


  1. AWW the babies are so cute! They're getting so big!!! And I'm sorta glad Chikorita still has one floppy ear and one straight ear, that's cool. Does the milk taste funny at all? And has Spot re-discovered the delights of goat milk?

    1. The milk is not goaty at all, it tastes great! I have chevre going right now. Chiky's ear is much less floppy now. And yes, Spot is "on the spot" at milking time!