Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rescuing the avalanche victims and… “has anyone seen my horn?”

No kids yet.

When I got up this morning I had the usual Saturday “to do” and “wanna do” lists in my head.  Nowhere on those lists was #8.  Dig out the goat door

But that’s what I did.  Waded through snow, clamored over the fence, and dug, chopped, and shoveled snow and ice until my arms feel like noodles. 

A while back, a large amount of snow slid off the north side of the pole barn, completely burying the little goat door to the outside world.  Since they hadn’t shown the slightest inclination to go outside in quite some time, we just closed the inside door and didn’t fret about it.

It’s been a harsh winter all around, but now, finally we seem to be getting a break.  Today the sun is out, the wind is low, and at 2:30 PM it’s 28 wonderful degrees.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even better, and if I was a goat, I’d want to go out.

The digging was tough, and what I ended up with is a narrow corridor through the snow bank, and a short tunnel to the little goat door.  When I went in and opened up the door, I was quite surprised when Ole went right out, followed by Pete.  I had fully expected the ingrates to ignore my efforts.  Ranger and Daisy opted to stay in, at least for the time being.

The "before" picture

The "after" picture

Speaking of Daisy, she broke off one of her horns today.  I must say, she looks kind of embarrassed to be seen with just one…  so the elastrator band method of dehorning works!  Hopefully the other one will come off soon.

So, that's my story today. 

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  1. Thanks for the pictures and the updates. I will be checking in with you. Lori