Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kid news

How to summarize the events of the past couple of days? 

First of all, please be aware that all this has transpired while ¾ of our household is sick.  Kevin, Kurt, and now I have come down with what seems to be the dreaded Norovirus (you can go to the CDC website if you want to know more about this nasty thing).  The guys have been hit the hardest by far.  Kevin has been sick since Wednesday, and is still suffering the symptoms.  So far, I’m getting off lightly with the headache, all over achiness, fever, and lower GI issues.  Kori is home for spring break, and seems to have escaped it, at least I hope so. 

Ivy has a snack!
So, late Thursday afternoon Vinca gave birth to these two adorable little doelings.  They are doing well, as is Vinca.  Getting those kids out has done wonders for her lameness, and she is getting around better.  She is a great mom, reassuring them frequently in that special language goat moms have for their kids.  
And this young lady is Sunflower!

We lost Tunia on Friday afternoon, and that’s about all I want to say about her right now.

We have been watching Daisy for signs of labor.  Daisy has a way of just standing and staring off into space, sometimes chewing her cud, and that is mainly what she did all day on Friday, in between laying down and eating.  She ate a hearty supper as usual, and when Kevin checked on her at 8:30 before collapsing into bed, she was no different. 

We were woken up at 10:00 by Kori calling up the stairs that Daisy had had her kids.  Just like that.  And, she said, wait until you see how cute one of them is…  well, all baby goats are cuter than cute, so how can one be especially cute, I had to wonder.  So, Kevin and I dragged ourselves out and yep, there they were.  You can be the judge of which one is the cutest.  They were still kind of wet at this point, but Daisy was doing the mom thing, licking them and talking to them.  Last year, her first babies got a little neglected at first, but I guess she has matured a bit. It was getting pretty cold last night, so we decided to move them into the kennel in the shop for the night.  

Meet Chickorita
And Zinnia!

 Two doelings for Daisy too!

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