Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from Ole Lake!

We could not ask for a more beautiful day!  A little later the four of us will be heading down to the North House for a great meal with Ardis and Rollie.  My uncle and aunt, Cyril and Nora, will be joining us and it should be a very nice time. 

I am just putting a few pictures here from yesterday for your viewing pleasure.  Kevin has been working on the goat pasture, shoring up the fence which took a beating from deer and falling branches over the winter.  He has cut down some trees and the goats enjoy nibbling on the tasty tips of the branches.  The little doelings especially enjoying being outside and playing on the chunks of wood and spool-tops that we put there for that purpose.

Enjoying the brush


The lasses always make us smile

Playing tag!

The spool-tops are tipsy, adding a fun-house element!

And here is Roye, one of the best pictures I've gotten of her; she's allways been difficult to photograph.

Be well everybody.

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