Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unpleasant events, but life goes on...

If she was a horse instead of horsepower, we’d put her down.

Massey really is the workhorse of Ole Lake Farm and a broken axle is well… bad.  Not much to do but heave a sigh and get to work.

Then, on Wednesday, I experienced my very first flat tire while on the road.  Kurt came to attempt a rescue, but after much consternation and grubbing around on the side of the road, and just possibly a few bad words, it became apparent that the spare was not coming off without professional intervention.

So, to any of you who drive a Chevy truck like mine, with the spare tire stowed underneath for 10 years or so…. You might want to have your mechanic check the Secondary Spare Tire Latch.  It is likely rusted solid. 

So what are the farmers to do to put a smile back on our faces?   Visit the doelings… it never fails to lift the spirit.  You know, I think everyone should have baby goats just for the mental health benefits!!!

"Come on out kids!"     And doesn't Vinca have a great udder?  Ok, trust me, she does!

                                                                                                                                                                   In other news, the weather was warm this week, so the garden looks more like a garden and less like a cold white place.  And, I got the lettuce transplanted into the greenhouse beds, and the little plants are coming along nicely too.  Later today, I hope to make some mozzarella, so will get back to you on how that goes!

Tomato seedlings... not sure where the color went... they really are green!


  1. In the photo your tomato plants look about the same color as ours do in real life. We're thinking too much heat and sun without shade cloth. If it's not one thing, it's its brother. How'd the axle come to break, anyway? I've had that happen on a trailer, but not on a tractor - what a pain!

    1. I don't know how to change who is replying, but this is Kevin, and of course I did it. It takes quite a bit of skill actually. It is from years of lifting way too huge loads with the bucket and a V'-plow then moving a great distance, and I am pretty certain that speed also played a part. Hitting stumps in the woods pulling wood doesn't help a whole lot either

  2. Debby - The link worked. I am pleased to ooh and aah over your goats and your garden plants! Nice photos and narratives about your farm, and the challenges and joys it brings you. Nice!