Sunday, April 27, 2014

Signs of spring

It's 33 degrees, wet, rainy, windy, and altogether disagreeable outside this morning.  Not a lot of farm activity going on around here this weekend.  The fellows are off to a Scout event, and for me a good portion of yesterday was spent in the delightful company of my Nix relations to celebrate Uncle Cy's 86th birthday. 

This morning, after chores and a hot breakfast, I went back out to make sure the fire is going well in the stove, and to look for spring.  Here is what I found:
Cute little goats in the barn... This is Sunflower climbing on her sister Ivy

And Chikorita


Rhubarb... yum, can't wait for that to get a little bigger!
And in the greenhouse, lettuce is growing despite the cool temps

And the tomato seedings are coming along.  Those tiny plants in the forground are vinca seedlings.

So, that is about it for this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

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