Saturday, April 5, 2014

Milking and more

Yesterday was Vinca’s first birthday.  Today was Vinca’s first milking.  Goats grow up fast don’t they?  So do daughters...

After a rather contentious start, Daisy has settled nicely back into the milking routine, hopping eagerly up on the stand to get her tasty kibble.  I still put the hobbles on her, because she does get impatient when the food runs out, but overall, she’s doing fine.  I really had no idea how it would go with Vinca, but now I am pleased to report that her behavior could not have been better!  I will try to get more goat pictures out here tomorrow.

I made cheese last weekend.  I started with a gallon of milk, and got a good amount of very tasty chevre. Next time I will weigh it, but didn't think to this time.  I added basil and granulated garlic to it and everyone who has tried it has said it was good (of course they are my friends and family...).  I am going to try some mozzarella soon, so stay tuned. 

Settling in nicely
A while back (like a couple of years ago) I sold a nice senior citizen a few of my hens.  She loves the hens and says they are the best chickens she’s ever had.  Due to some very sad family circumstances, these ladies are in need of “out of home placement”; that’s social services talk for foster care.  So, this morning, four hens came to join the henhouse gang.  There was some pecking and squawking, but this afternoon all is well.
While the garden is still pretty deep in snow, I am inside seeding flats of tomatoes and peppers today.  Kevin is working on the wood supply.
This lettuce is moving to the greenhouse beds very soon... I did have some of it for lunch!

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