Saturday, April 19, 2014

Well, it kind of looked like cheese...

So, not sure what went wrong with the mozzarella last Sunday...
After it cooled... hard and plastic-y
Shredded, with difficulty
 It sort of tasted like... nothing.

On my personal pizza, on the left...
And here is the carnivore pizza, storebought mozz...

And now, just some interesting things (interesting to me anyway) I'd like to share with you about Ole Lake eggs, which some of you  enjoy as much as we do.  The USDA has size standards for egg.  Jumbos are 2.4 to 2.5 oz each.  XLs are 2.17-2.25 oz, L are 1.92-2 oz, M are 1.67-1.75 oz, S are 1.42-1.5 oz.  They even have a PeeWee classification of 1.25 oz and less.  So, here are what our eggs are like:  
These are tiny in my book, I get 1 or 2 of them a day

Most of my hens lay 2.2-2.4 oz eggs
Then, 2 of these almost every day...

Is there a goose out there?

In other news of the week, we had some nasty cold temps, and some snow, which is now mostly gone but made for some interesting driving.  The greenhouse does not retain heat well, so even with the heater going I had to move the flats of seedlings back into the house.  Here is the evidence:
Tuesday morning, 12 degrees outside

And in the greenhouse about 28 or so

The lettuce survived.  It's pretty tough stuff.  Lost a few of the outside leaves, but that was all.

So, that's all the blog for now.  "What!  No cute animal pictures?"  Well, not right now, but I will get back to this later or tomorrow.  Be well everybody!

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  1. Just think - in another week you could be writing about snow in May! Exciting, no? I have thought at times that I'd like to have some banties, but seeing your eggs reminds me that those buggers lay eggs like quail - hardly worth the effort to shell them.