Sunday, May 4, 2014

A beautiful day in early May

We have two less goats than we did yesterday.  It was past time for the lads to depart, so no regrets.  We will never forget our first kids though; we really learned a lot from them.  Our buck Ranger misses their company.  Today, he spent part of the day in the Summer Coop pasture where he can check out the ladies and doelings in their pasture, nibble on the grass, and he showed quite an interest in my gardening activities too.

Sunflower and Chikorita have a little jousting match

This morning the foster hens went back to their own home, then Mickey and I got out for a walk down the road, through the woods and fields. We spotted this fellow very high in the tree tops...
And stopped by the pond for Mickey to take a dip:

Planting time is coming up.  Kevin put Massey right back to work tilling and I worked on one of the garden beds, both of us enjoying the aroma of the freshly turned soil and the feel of the warm sun on our backs.

This afternoon, Rollie and Kevin worked on fanning the oats.  Ardis joined in too, sorry I didn't get her in the photo!  Ardis and Rollie help us out so much, we are so grateful!

 Until next time, live happy!

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