Saturday, May 10, 2014

Farm Girl Graduates!

 Yesterday was a grand day!  It was a long day, but so wonderful to see Kori receive her degree!  Wouldn't you know the best picture we have of this occasion is the one she took herself!
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Today, another milestone as Kurt is celebrating his 24th birthday... where does the time go?

We are all pretty busy around here today, as usual I guess.  Kori unpacking, doing loads of laundry, the guys working on wood (a truly endless task), and I seeding several flats of seeds; squash, melons, and mostly pumpkins.  These are just getting a little head-start before the garden is warm enough to plant.

The horses got their spring pedicure too:
Lenore expertly gives Huck a trim.  
My sister Carolyn is visiting this weekend too.  We will be enjoying some kettle-cake this evening for Kurt's birthday.  If you don't know what kettle-cake is, check back here tomorrow! 

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