Saturday, May 17, 2014

Collaring the Kids

Kori is at the keyboard today. Yesterday, as one of my chores, I had to loosen Chikorita's collar, which was getting a little too tight. Easier said than done, because baby goats are as tricky to catch as they are to photograph.
But I did my best.

You can see Chicky's collar is too tight

That might be the best picture of a goat ever taken. I'm so proud.

The kids were around, but I couldn't go near them
Everyone was racing around and I just took a seat to enjoy the show and take pictures. And then we got company. 

Follow the leader
Spot was rather okay with the affair
Everyone loves cats
This went on for a while, and even Lily joined in, but I was still no closer to grabbing Chicky and loosening her collar. So I settled for taking lots of pictures. 

My phone's camera is better than Mom's camera. So there.
Finally, I managed to corner Chika when she tried to follow her mother back into the shed. Once I got her in my lap she was perfectly compliant and cuddly, but getting her there is always the problem.
I remember last year, with Pete and Ole, they became a lot more friendlier once we leash-trained them. That'll probably happen in the next few weeks, which is always fun. They're getting so big!
Last night Mom made goat cheese, which was ready to be consumed by this afternoon. It was the usual concoction of basil and garlic. I understand why goat cheese is so expensive, because that stuff is good.
Mom will post something tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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