Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hey, it's not raining!

What a wet, gloomy, cloudy and altogether unsatisfactory (weather-wise)  week!  Starting on Sunday, rain and/or snow (ok,  mostly rain) and dark sunless days...
Sunday morning ice coated everything  including the house!
Sunday was pretty exciting for me though, as I had another crack at making mozzarella, and this time it went just like it is supposed to:
Stretching the mozz... try it some time, it's fun!

The sun finally made an appearance late in the day on Friday, Yeah!!!

Today, the combined efforts of the Flowers men, Rollie, Kurt, and Kevin got Massey back together with a new axle and she is back on her feet, er... tires!  Is that kind of like having a hip and knee replacement?  No rehab needed!

As for me, I was off to Moose Lake with my amazing friend Kathy for the Moose Run.  We did the 5k and I ended up with some hardware!  2nd place in the 45-54 year old women category!

Fun to bring home some bling!
Will catch you up on critter news next post, ok?  Maybe tomorrow.  Until then, be well friends!

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