Sunday, May 25, 2014

Caprine Transitions

Thank goodness Kori was here to revive that hen on Friday, or she surely would have died.  What a strange thing… 

Yesterday (Saturday) was a pretty busy day for the entire Flowers bunch.  Kevin preparing another field for planting (this one will be wheat), Kurt and Rollie in the woods a good portion of the day doing something with firewood and breaking down equipment, Kori helping out with miscellaneous activities, Ardis vending at a flea market, and I in the garden. 

Yesterday was also the first day of the new Farmers Market in Aitkin.  We had thought about participating as vendors, and still hope to in the future, but for this year, it just didn’t work out.  Normally I would never go to town on the weekend… I spend enough time there during the week, but I just had to go in and check out how it was going though.  I think this is just a great thing for the local producers and the community.  So, after milking and muffin making, I headed for town.

Before visiting the farmer’s market, I got a run in on the town streets and paths.  A little variety is nice, and I got to meet this gal (I think) near the river.

Had a nice visit at the Farmer’s Market with the various folks that were there.  Purchased some awesome Cracked Wheat Potato Bread, and some amazing asparagus.  The set up was nice and the vendors seemed to be moderately busy while I was there.

Back to the main topic of today's post though, Caprine Transitions.  Caprine is the goat family, and of course Transitions is change.  Every member of the goat crowd has something going on.  For Ranger, the plan is to move today over to Matt & Katie’s place, Righteous Oaks Farm to spend the summer with their buck.  For the doelings, more unfortunate things (from their point of view) are happening.  Yesterday, Kori and I gave Ivy and Sunflower their tattoos.  As purebred registered goats, the American Dairy Goat Association requires that they be tattooed, so now they are.  Sorry, no pictures of the actual deed, but here is Sunflowers sporting her green inked ears.

This is also weaning weekend, so as of today, the doelings are separated from their mammas.  Vinca and Daisy will be milked twice a day.  Ivy and Chicky are moving to the chicken yard and will be commuting back and forth to the summer coop pasture on nice days to graze.  Sunflower left us yesterday.  A very nice young man purchased her and she will be joining a doe his house.  At some point, Ivy will be moving to Righteous Oaks Farm too, to become their first dairy goat, but for now she will stay with us for a while longer.  Chicky will most likely be sold too. 

So, I didn’t really get a garden update in here, but this is getting really long!   Since tomorrow is Memorial Day, we will get some extra time in here at home, so maybe I will get back to you then. 

So, until next time, be well friends.

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