Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chick update

Sunday morning.  It's raining again.  It's just a gentle rain and not too darkish out so I am hopeful that it will clear up soon.  Meanwhile, I'm hangin' in the kitchen while the Rhubarb BBQ sauce does it's thing in the canner. 

Out in the Winter Coop, Mama Blue Hen and her six little ones are doing just fine. 
Check out those cute little feathers!

The garden is mostly maintenance chores right now.
Yesterday, since the tomato plants are such precocious
 things and prone to wandering off, I caged them. 
Hard to believe but this plant will be growing out of the top of this cage in a month or so!

OK you locals.  The Aitkin County Fair is coming up fast.  So, what are you entering?  The fair is an important event for our residents and visitors, and I feel that it is important to support it.  For some folks, this might mean buying a ticket to a show, riding the rides, getting some fair food. To me, supporting the fair means putting things out there for people to see when they visit.  I will have some canning and baking this year; maybe a couple of hens, not sure about that yet.  No new quilts to display.   So how about you?  Doing any crafts?  How is your green thumb? Do you make the best pie this side of anywhere?  Put it out there!  It's not about getting the blue ribbon, although that's nice.  It's about supporting the fair, and maybe showing the younger generation that somethings are worth doing and doing well.

Entry day is Tuesday, July 8.  I hope I see something there with your name on it.

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