Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Terrific Tuesday, and News from the Coop

Another absolutely beautiful day to be home.  I haven’t actually made it out to the garden yet, except to harvest some onions for my salad, but I’ll get there.

First off, a chicks update.  There are six healthy, fluffy, and totally adorable little ones.  We made a little fence out the front of the coop so Old Blue (she is now wearing a blue legband) can take them out for foraging lessons.  When we first started doing this with hens and chicks, we worried about the cats helping themselves to a chick buffet, but hens are very good at taking care of chicks, so no problem there. 

Almost as cute as goat kids!
And, in other news from the coop, we have a third broody hen!  Yahoo!  This is a mutt hen that I purchased last fall, and she was probably destined for the crock pot this fall… but her fate has changed and she has probably earned herself a pretty long life.  I’m not sure what her lineage is, but she’s passably close enough in looks to my Rhode Island Reds that I will keep her and add her to my breeding flock.  Hopefully, some of her chicks will get the broody trait too.  I would really like my flock to be self sustaining some day.

Dedicated to the task at hand... er... claw...

So, this is Brandy.

I think this is his first appearance or mention in the blog.  He has been part of our family for many years, but recently we have concluded that both of our horses would be better off with a different home.  This is really a tough thing for us, but it is the right thing to do.  I am hoping that Huckleberry can find a place with someone who can train him up and use his speed and power from some gaming or maybe trail riding.  Brandy here will hopefully become a good family horse for someone else. 

Kori and I saddled him up today for the first time in a couple of years.  Honestly, it went so much better than I expected.  I was prepared for a tantrum… “what, a saddle?” … but really he was most cooperative and we had a nice little walk around the pasture.

OK.  Lunch break is over, I am out to the garden.  I  hope to give you a garden tour one of these days, so I had better get after those weeds! 

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