Sunday, June 8, 2014


What a beautiful day!  Especially when compared with yesterday, which was wet and downright chilly.  We were down to Forest Lake to a graduation celebration for our young friend Alexis.  It was well worth the trip down and back to see Alexis and her parents, Mike and Melissa.

The waiting is over for our broody hen; the hatching began yesterday, and continued today.  We weren’t sure that we would get any chicks from this batch, since the hen had gone out the window a couple of times and wasn’t able to get back in until we rescued her from the other room.  The eggs had cooled some, and we just didn’t know.    A couple of the chicks didn’t make it, some of the eggs have not hatched and probably are not going to, but it looks like we will have a few survivors anyway.  Kori helped mid-wife a couple of them…

They're pretty exhausted but will soon fluff up and be on their feet

And, another hen has gone broody.  

Thanks for the colorful nestbox Leslie!

Meanwhile, the doelings are adjusting to their new lifestyle.  Most days they get leashed up and move over to the summer-coop pasture where there is some grass to nibble.  They are getting to be pros at walking on their leashes now.

Notice how I am dressed... it was delightfully cool this  morning, in fact, it was only 40 degrees when we woke up.  The best part was NO MOSQUITOES for milking time!

I’ll be home to garden on Tuesday again this week, so will update you all on the chick situation then.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

(Editorial remark:  I think this will say posted by Kevin down below... it's not, it's me Debby (like you can't tell!) )

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  1. Your nom de plume is 'Kevin'? If you're going to go macho, why not avoid confusion by going with 'Oskar' or 'Hjalmar'?