Sunday, June 29, 2014


Saturday has come and gone, and I did not get my usual blogpost done.  That was because a good portion of yesterday was spent preparing for, driving to and from, and enjoying the Nix reunion, which is held every two years.  It was great to get to visit with my elders and betters, and many cousins and their kids and even grandkids. It doesn't seem like we should be old enough for that, but of course we are.

Meanwhile, here at the farm, hatching was happening.  The second black hen has been patiently biding her time on the nest.   Yesterday two chicks hatched, and this morning two more, one of which didn’t make it.  The rest of the eggs are not showing  any promising signs, which is really disappointing.  Three chicks are better than no chicks I suppose, but I was really hoping for more. The third broody hen's clutch is due to hatch Tuesday or Wednesday, so hopefully I will have a better report from her corner of the coop.

Tiny chicks just hatched

The six other chicks are really thriving and putting out more feathers

View of the garden from the roof of the Summer Coop.  Thanks Kevin!
Right now, it’s raining again.  The hay should have been baled and in the shed by now, but it has been rain on and off all this past week.   We watch the forecast, and hopefully will be getting a chance to do some haying activities later this week.

The garden looks pretty good, but is it?  It’s about two weeks behind schedule in my estimation.  I am not very hopeful of getting any melons this year.

So, that’s about all the news from Ole Lake for this weekend (I think!).  Have a great week!

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