Saturday, November 8, 2014

A pre-hunting quicky blog

This is it.  Just another normal day to most of the rest of world, but the first day of the whitetail deer hunting season here in northern Minnesota, and for the residents, family, and friends of Ole Lake Farm a VERY BIG EVENT!

So, this is just a hello from me, the non-hunting support person at the house.  I'm sure Kevin will be in here later to report on the successful hunt today (I have been alerted by text message that it's a good opening day).  I will warn you, there will likely be pictures of dead deer and some blood involvement.  If you don't want to see that, just don't come by.

Not much happening that is very interesting on my end anyway, but I am please to report that despite the snow we had this week, I harvested some swisschard, kale, and arugula to add to my store-bought lettuce for lunch.

At present I have the hunter's supper in the works... lasagna, which I am told ( and I agree with) I do pretty well.

So, until the hunters get home, be well friends.


  1. I did not get a good kale harvest, so I just bought some the other day. As for the deer, I told Hubby I did not want one in my freezer this year. There are sick deer here in our state, and it's similar to "mad cows" disease.

  2. Thank goodness our deer here are pretty healthy. Venison is the main meat that we eat in this household. I myself eat very little meat both for health and ethical reasons, however even I eat more venison than anything else. Kevin not hunting would be like me not gardening... as Vizzini would say in the Princess Bride... Inconceivable!

  3. Ah, a blog that quotes the Princess Bride and refers to venison. Nice work.