Sunday, November 9, 2014

The "Other" Harvest begins

Hello everyone, you have Kevin again here tonight.  The 2014 deer harvest at Ole Lake Farm has begun.  This year we have a crew of 8 for opening weekend.  We have friends Mike and Alexis up from Forest Lake and my bother Kent and my nephew Kellen are here from Cheyenne Wyoming.  This is Kellen’s first deer season at Ole Lake.  Rounding out the group is Dad, Kurt, Kori and myself, of course.

 Opening morning started off with a bang (get it) with Kori filling her tag right away in the morning with a doe.  Then Dad got in the on the action and shot a fork type buck and a few hours later filled another buck tag with a second 4 point buck.  And best of all Kellen shot his first deer about 1:00 with a shot of about 100 yards.  It seems as if the shooting skills skipped a generation, with Kori and Kellen following in their grandpa’s path with the old dead eye.  So at the end of Saturday we had filled 2 buck and 2 doe tags.  We have 50% success already.


Sunday Dad went ahead and filled another doe tag so at the end of the opening weekend we have 2 bucks and 3 antlerless. 

For those who don’t know Minnesota allows party hunting so 1 person can shoot multiple deer and fill the tags of other people in the party.  I personally feel this is a practical law for MN, there are some states that when you fill your tag you are done.  With party hunting it continues to be a group activity and in reality, camaraderie is what it’s all about.    

This has been a really good season for us already.  With the small amount of antlerless tags and the DNR saying the deer herd is down we have been really successful.  It sounds like we have a snow “event” as they say, headed our way for Monday and Tuesday so we will see how this affects our upcoming week and weekend.  We still have 2 more weekends for hunting.  I will let you know next weekend how we did.  Take care and be safe.

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  1. Wow, that's pretty good success! I think y'all must have better habitat or fewer hunters/deer than in some other areas I can think of.