Saturday, November 15, 2014


Alarms started going off at Ole Lake Farm pretty darn early this morning; the first was Kevin’s at 4:40 (his phone blasts out Revellie) followed shortly thereafter by mine (a much less annoying generic phone melody).  Most of you (I would think) are wondering about this madness… it is after all Saturday!  Well, it’s also hunting season and there are unfilled tags.  A glance at the thermometer resulted in a double-take… 8 below!    Hmmmm, maybe Plan B should be considered. 

Muffin making commenced, Kurt and Kori were roused, Rollie was called and consulted, and in the end, the deer stands stayed empty and the deer were safe for a few more hours.  It has warmed up quite a bit, 24 degrees now at 3:00, so the four hunters are out again.

Kevin, Kurt, Rollie, and Ardis spent many hours cutting up venison this week.  Sorry, didn’t get any pictures of that!  Maybe there will be another opportunity.

Critter news:  I have three (I think, two for sure) young roosters that need to go elsewhere.  These fellows were cleverly disguised as pullets when it came time to send superfluous birds to be butchered.  Rollie has indicated that he will butcher them for me sometime soon, but if there is anyone else out there who would like to take them off my hands, speak up and they are yours.

For a donation of no money at all, you can take this chicken home!
Kori and I brought Chicky home from Righteous Oaks Farm today, and her companion came along too for a while.  His name is Little Bad Billy but Kori has nicknamed him "Dood".  Yes, that is how I am supposed to spell it.  They will be sharing the Winter Coop yard with the poultry.

Chicky and "Dood" get settled in
Roye came to supervise us moving in the goats

 My sister Carolyn is here for the weekend.  She reached a milestone in her life just recently as she now has her first ever driver’s license.  Today was another big accomplishment as she drove “up north” herself for the first time.  Way to go Sis!

No, she hasn't moved to Nebraska... it's a rental!


  1. So, has anyone shown Caroline how to do donuts on ice and snow or is the plan to let her find out on her own how much fun that is?

    1. Better hope that she doesn't see your comment Russ, it's C-a-r-o-l-y-n!

    2. I don't have 4WD. Yet.

    3. Ah Sister, you have so much to learn! Donuts happen when you don't have 4WD!

    4. I canknot believe that eyether I or spellchick messed up the spilling of Carolyn's name, Debbi! Gheese. That's almost as hard as believing that she's never done doughnuts in a car. However, you cud remedy that deficiency in her educashun.

  2. Your cat looks like our Aurora. I know what you mean about getting the rooster surprise. Luckily, we re-homed our extra rooster. Otherwise, he'd be in the stew pot already.

    1. Yes, I have noticed the similarity with the cats too! It can be difficult to get a decent picture of Roye, and most visitors do not see her as she avoids strangers.