Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seasons End

Today was the official last day of the 2014 MN firearms deer season.  For the crew at Olelake Farm, it was over last Saturday.  Saturday afternoon Kori shot another deer which was put on Kurt’s tag, which gave us a total of 6 deer.  We were officially done.  That’s a lot of meat to cut up. Thank goodness Mom and Dad are deer cutting handy.  I wonder how many deer these two have cut up so far?
 Mom doing a front shoulder

Dad working on a hind quarter
So this weekend we went out and pulled the blinds and chairs down off the platforms.  We will wait until Thanksgiving Day to go out and take down the ladder stands.

The Birch Stand
So, here are some interesting things about this deer season.  Dad went back to shooting his lever action 30-30 with open sites and shot 3 deer.  That’s old school there.  For the first time ever, a deer was shot out of Lady’s Stand. A few deer have been seen out of the stand, but never has one been harvested.   And for only the 4th time since Kent and I built the Birch Stand, a deer was not shot out of that stand.  Just for a hint on how productive that stand is, we built that stand in the late 1970’s.  Now that’s quite a track record.  The Big House stand has once again provided the opportunity for a first time hunter to get his first deer.  I shot my first deer just down the field from where the stand is, Kurt and Kori both shot their  
The New Big House
 first deer there and now Kellen has.

Old School Stand, Kent shot his first deer here
So all in all, we had a successful season, but the best part of Deer Season Is getting together with Family and Friends, having a safe season, and continuing the traditions of Olelake Farm. 

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