Sunday, July 2, 2017


I cannot be the only one who is astonished to find that it's July already.  Independence Day this week, AND the Aitkin County Fair.  It's way, way too early to be fair time!  Most years we take some grain, some canning and baking, maybe a quilt, but this year there won't be any exhibits from us - just too darn busy.

So I want to show you how big the pigs are getting. Kevin moves their house and pen every few days and they make short work of digging up the ground.  They moved again today; these photos are from yesterday.
The three black pigs are much bigger than the others - I guess we should have gotten six of those!  The brown one is the smallest - here you can see the size difference.

Speaking of getting much bigger - check out the turkeys!

As usual I had to herd them into a corner to get a picture - most of the time I see them like this - trying to get away from me... ingrates!
We've had a fair bit of rain this week but today was sunny - the hens took advantage to do some sun-bathing.  The one on the right is one of three Dark Cornish that I have - really beautiful birds.  You will notice that the black one has clipped wing feathers - she's a naughty one!
Lastly, a little addition to the naughty dog story from last week - you would think I would be a little more careful!  Last night I put the laundry basket filled with dirty clothes out on the landing to make sure I wouldn't forget it in the morning when I went down.  Well - I left it just a little to close to where Hoover sleeps clipped to the railing.  You can guess what happened...  -  no picture of my chewed up bra though!

In closing, I will wish you all a safe Independence Day.  Be well friends.

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