Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ups and Downs of Farm Life

It was quite a week.  As I mentioned last time, Kevin was off to camp so I had pig chores to do.  They haven't been eating as enthusiastically as they should lately and some of them are on the thin side.  On Tuesday, I found out why.  Without going into detail, I found evidence that they have worms.  So did some research on this thinking that when Kevin got home we would get some product and take care of this problem.  I was not prepared to find a deceased pig on Wednesday morning!  And it wasn't even one of the thinner ones - it was the one I referred to as The Cadillac Pig - long and black - the largest and nicest one out there!  More research and phone calls to find out what was available locally.  On Thursday talked to our vet and Ardis helped me out by driving to the vet's office to pick  up an inject-able wormer. 

So, Thursday evening, Rollie and I were going to inject these pigs.  Right....  He was the catcher, I was the sticker.  We gave them some slop and he caught one of the remaining black ones.  In went the shot, with the porker squealing blood murder.  And that was the end of that.  What followed was Rollie and I getting some exercise following the pigs around the paddock and not getting near any of them!

Enough with the pigs.  Except that I did take a couple of pictures of them today.  The black ones have these floppy ears so we don't see much of their eyes. 

Today I got low and yep - they do have eyes under there!  

The trouble with trying to take pictures of pigs is that they keep coming too close!
I will share a little success story from the Winter Coop. 

This hen was very lame.  She had some kind of injury and could only get around by hopping around on one leg .  Mainly she just rested on the ground most of the time.  The other hens were starting to pick on her so I moved her in with the chicks and turks.  I really didn't expect her to live but she kept eating  and after about three weeks, she is doing much better!  She moves around on both legs with just a slight limp and has started laying eggs again. 

And now a little mystery story.  Behind our house is a grove of densely planted pine trees that we call the Black Forest.  These started as tiny trees planted out in the garden in the 80's and they never got transplanted.  Now they are quite large and impenetrable and provide a good home for birds and who knows what else.  Yesterday, I noticed a bit of color out there while standing at the kitchen sink - thought it was probably something that blew in there - a scrap of paper or plastic escaped from the trash... anyway, I went out to take a closer look and sure got a surprise!

This base of this lily is about 2 feet back under the tree branches. We have lived here for 15 years now - there has never been flowers there.  Maybe Ardis planted this a long time ago?  How did it survive? 

I will close with a turkey picture - this one launched herself off the roof to freedom but after a while missed her siblings - isn't she pretty?

Be well friends!

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