Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mid-July Moments

Today is Kevin's birthday and he left for a week of camp with the scouts.  Hopefully he will find time to relax a little while he is there.   Kurt and I get to do some extra chores but it's not too bad really.  Note to self though - wear knee high boots when feeding the piggies - I had muddy noseprints on my bare legs this afternoon. 

The chicks are getting so big!  The two batches and the turkeys are all co-mingled in the Winter Coop now.  The younger chicks stay to themselves; I have not seen the bigger ones pick on them at all, but the little ones do seem to be intimidated by them.  The picture below shows some of the older chicks.  Notice how some of the red birds have grey legs?  That must be some of the Austrolorp in them coming through.
I haven't said much about the garden this season.  I've had to scale back a bit from what I usually plant.  The tomatoes look pretty good; none ripe yet but the plants look decent.  Overall the garden is doing ok, such that it is.  The weeds certainly are flourishing.  It looks like I will be busy with raspberries in a few days. 

This post is pretty brief, I was just to busy to take many pictures or even think creatively it seems.  I do have these to share - the first  is some half-formed cattails, I think they are pretty interesting. 

And then caught a silly photo of Forest -

Be well friends.