Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mid-Summer Simmer

Another week gone again.  This one was notable for the holiday, and some stormy weather. 

I spent part of Independence Day out in the garden - a beautiful day!  As you may know, we move the pig shelter an paddock around every few days, and on Tuesday they were right up against the garden.  The smell of roses and the smell of swine makes for an interesting combination!  I did enjoy listening to them talking to each other in their grunting pig language.

We had storms roll through Thursday morning (at least I think that is when it was) starting shortly after mid-night and continuing on most of the night.  We could have done without the hail!  We were worried about the grain of course, but it seems to be fine here.  There is damage to crops in other parts so we are fortunate.  The pumpkin plants did get beat up a little, but are flourishing anyway.

A new crop for us is buckwheat.  It is blooming now and I walked out to get a closer look this afternoon.  It's kind of pretty and the butterflies and bees are loving it!  The field was just humming.

Those turkeys!  I tried again for a better picture - they are such pretty birds - I think so anyway.  Two of them are pretty dark and three fairly light.  I think (not for sure) that the three light ones are hens and the two dark ones are toms.  You can see a couple of the chicks in the photo also - these are from the first hatch and are getting big.

And just sharing - my clematis is blooming and is so pretty!

Thank you for stopping by the blog.  Until next week, be well friends!

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